Outsource Logistics to a Chicago Courier: Uncover 4 Major Benefits

In this era of digital technology and online purchasing, fast and reliable doorstep deliveries have become the norm. 

Many of Chicago’s 100,000+ small businesses are involved in retail or the supply of consumer goods, be it cakes, fresh produce, medicines, or household goods. However, recent years have seen the face of retail change, and now far more people use their laptops and smartphones to shop online rather than visit stores to purchase goods. 

With this shift in consumer habits, to remain competitive, retailers are now left with no other option but to develop an online presence and offer reliable delivery of their products to customers. 

But if you run a small store or supply business in Chicago, how can you compete with the big brand names and offer a reliable delivery service?

What if you don’t have the time to take the items to customers yourself or the resources to purchase delivery vehicles and payroll drivers to set up an in-house delivery team? 

That’s where a professional Chicago courier service like Metrobi comes in, as we offer you a fast and affordable way to get your packages to customers on time. 

Our large fleet of vehicles and couriers are constantly circumnavigating Chicago, reliably delivering goods and packages to customers. 

But why do so many companies now outsource deliveries to courier services? 

Let’s look and see. Here are four major benefits of outsourcing your logistics to a reliable Chicago delivery service to consider.

Financial Savings

Outsource Logistics to a Chicago Courier: Uncover 4 Major Benefits - chicago courier -
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Cost is an essential consideration for any business, especially if you are one of the many new enterprises or a small company operating on a tight budget. 

One of the main benefits of outsourcing to a professional Chicago courier service is the amount you can save. 

By hiring a reliable third party, you don’t need to worry about purchasing and maintaining delivery vehicles, hiring drivers, or buying the expensive technology necessary to navigate Chicago’s busy commuter traffic to get your goods to customers on time. 

You can avoid the cost of fuel, insurance, and the man hours lost stuck in traffic jams and use this time to focus on growing your business and attracting more orders, which is far more productive. 

Although using a good Chicago courier will cost money, most companies find they can recoup the service costs quickly over time. 

Timely delivery and an improved customer experience should lead to repeat business and better reviews online. In addition, most people are willing to pay a little extra for reliable same-day delivery and a friendly and well presented local driver.

Fast Delivery

Chicago was recently voted the busiest city in the United States, so traffic is a major problem if you need to quickly get goods from one place to another. 

The busy downtown area and commuter routes are the worst for holdups, with Chicagoans losing an average of 155 hours behind the wheel each year. 

The traffic in Chicago does cause problems for drivers, and it is one of the main reasons they outsource to a Chicago delivery service, as the service should have the right tools and technology to navigate the busy streets to get items delivered as planned. 

Chicago express delivery services like Metrobi use well-maintained vehicles equipped with the latest route optimization technology to alert drivers of accidents and traffic jams and re-route them along quicker alternative streets to the destination. 

A good Chicago courier service also hires knowledgeable local drivers who know the city and the best routes and shortcuts to beat the traffic. This ensures the courier runs a fast and efficient delivery service, improving your customer’s confidence and experience.

Outsource Logistics to a Chicago Courier: Uncover 4 Major Benefits - chicago courier -
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Less Chance of Damage to Goods

Outsourcing to a local courier service in Chicago rather than one of the large cargo or shipping companies also has advantages, and it greatly reduces the risk of loss or damage to your goods.

Large parcel carriers use big trucks or vehicles to carry multiple items for delivery, so misplaying or losing an item without proper management can be easy. The sheer volume of different-sized packages in the vehicle also increases the chance of breakages. 

In contrast, professional local couriers tend to use smaller vehicles and carry fewer packages; therefore, the chance of loss or damage to your goods is minimal. 

For example, Metrobi couriers use a range of vans, minivans, box trucks, and SUVs to deliver your parcels in Chicago, and you can specify the vehicle and driver you wish to deliver your goods should you have a preference. 

This choice of drivers and vehicles means you can pick the right fit for you, your products, and your customers, greatly adding to the customers experience.

Access to The Latest Tools and Technology

Most people struggle to afford and keep up with the latest technology. Often, as soon as one clever piece of technology hits the market, a better version or an upgrade will be released a few weeks later. 

To avoid jams on the busy commuter routes or avoid accidents caused by Chicago’s famous windy weather, drivers need access to the latest logistics technology. 

Technology is expensive, but in saying that, it is essential and plays a vital role in any good logistics company. 

For a Chicago courier to successfully navigate the traffic and offer you a fast and efficient service, they should use re-routing software. 

Advanced route optimization technology prewarns drivers of traffic jams, accidents, and congestion ahead and directs them along quicker and more free-flowing routes. 

Barcode technology and the latest GPS (Global Positioning Systems) are also used by many of the best local couriers to allow you to track your packages in real time from your laptop or smartphone. 

This clever live tracking system means you can see exactly where your items are and ensure they never get lost, which is a real advantage for you and your customers. 

State-of-the-art handheld devices that allow drivers to take photos of the items at the delivery site and tablets that capture the recipient’s signatures and send them to you as soon as the goods have been delivered are also used by the best Chicago couriers like Metrobi

Finally, an easy-to-use online platform that allows you to place single or multiple delivery requests, track the movement of your goods, and produce delivery and logistic reports is a great benefit that helps you effectively manage all aspects of your logistics. 

Please request a callback if you would like to know more about the Chicago delivery service Metrobi offers and how we can help your business.

Outsource Logistics to a Chicago Courier: Uncover 4 Major Benefits
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