6 Reasons to Outsource Delivery for Self-Distribution in Chicago

Succeeding in Chicago’s demanding retail sector is challenging. 

If you are one of Chicago’s 100,000+ small supply businesses or online retailers, you will know that to remain competitive and expand your business, you must provide customers with great products at a competitive price and offer an exceptional customer experience. 

One key aspect of this customer experience is delivery, as without a fast and reliable way of shipping your goods to customers, they are unlikely to order from you again. 

But let’s now factor in traffic, as Chicago is one of the busiest and most congested cities in the United States. 

Navigating downtown traffic and getting through the busy commuter hold-ups is hard for everyone, and a recent study suggested that drivers lose an average of 155 hours stuck in congestion on the streets of Chicago each year. 

Although projects like the Jane Byrne Interchange have eased matters slightly, getting from one place to another without delays is problematic, especially if you need to deliver an item quickly. 

Traffic issues are the main reason why so many companies now outsource delivery to a professional Chicago courier service, as these specialist companies have sufficient drivers, vehicles, and technology to ensure your goods reach customers on time. 

Let’s look at why you should consider outsourcing deliveries to a reliable Chicago express delivery service like Metrobi.

6 Reasons to Outsource Delivery for Self-Distribution in Chicago - outsource delivery -
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Cost and Speed

Since the pandemic, the retail sector has changed, and now far more people buy online and expect their items to be delivered quickly to their doorstep. 

But how is same-day delivery possible if you are a small company with a limited budget?

Outsourcing delivery to a local Chicago courier service is a great way to save time and money, as it free’s you up to focus on other aspects of running your business, like sales, marketing, and product development. 

When you consider the cost of purchasing, insuring, and maintaining delivery vehicles, recruiting and payrolling drivers, the time spent organizing the deliveries, and buying the essential route optimization software required to beat Chicago’s traffic, the cost of running an in-house delivery service becomes clear. 

Running deliveries in-house is expensive. 

Outsourcing delivery to a professional courier service in Chicago often works out far more cost-effective as most customers expect to pay a little more for same-day delivery. This means you can generally recoup much of the cost of the courier service over time.

6 Reasons to Outsource Delivery for Self-Distribution in Chicago - outsource delivery -
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No matter what you deliver, be it food, drinks, baked goods, or flowers, your customers will expect their goods to arrive at the time you state. 

Due to the traffic issues and lack of parking in Chicago, offering a reliable express delivery service is essential for a retail business to succeed. 

Many people reorganize their day or wait at home for their deliveries, so failing to show up on time will disappoint them, especially if it’s groceries, perishable items, or a time-sensitive package. 

Without enough vehicles, drivers, and the latest route optimization technology to navigate traffic, delivering goods on time is hard. 

However, outsourcing logistics to a reliable same-day courier in Chicago like Metrobi means you meet your customer’s delivery expectations and, in most cases, exceed them.

Live Tracking

Technology now plays a significant role in most businesses, and logistics is no exception. 

A good Chicago courier company should have the technology to allow you to see where your package is in real-time. 

This expensive state-of-the-art software is an excellent advantage for you and your customer, as it means you can track your item’s movements from when you hand it over to when it reaches its destination. 

Tracking is done using innovative barcode technology, with each item for delivery fitted with a unique barcode that the driver then scans so you can trace its movement in real time via the use of GPS technology. 

To view where an item is, you or your customer log on to an online platform, enter the relevant code, and you can see where the package is and its estimated time of arrival. It also warns of delays, so you can see if the package is stuck in traffic downtown or held up due to an unforseen accident. 

This technology offers transparency and gives you and your customers confidence in the delivery service, greatly improving their customer experience.

Proof of Receipt

Talking of transparency, aside from using technology to keep you informed about the status of deliveries, a professional Chicago courier should also use handheld devices to provide you with automatic receiver notifications.

For example, Metrobi drivers can take time and date-stamped digital photos of the items on delivery and ask the recipient for an electronic signature as proof of receipt for your records which ensures you have evidence that the package has been received in good order should you ever receive a customer query or complaint.  This is especially important if you are one of Chicago’s thriving food and beverage companies, as you can rest assured the item has been delivered in good condition.

This technology also helps you to build customer trust and promote confidence in your goods and delivery service. 

6 Reasons to Outsource Delivery for Self-Distribution in Chicago - outsource delivery -
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There is a lot of competition in the retail sector in Chicago, so many businesses experience peaks and troughs in sales. 

Local events and promotions, Black Friday, The Holidays, and Thanksgiving are all times you may have an increase in orders. But if you are considering running the deliveries yourself, you must question whether you have enough drivers and vehicles to cope with the demand. 

Conversely, can you afford to have your in-house team and vans doing very little during quiet times? 

Maybe not. 

Outsourcing deliveries to a courier service offers a practical and financially savvy solution, as the delivery service should have sufficient drivers and vehicles to work around your orders while still providing a reliable service. 

Take Metrobi, for instance. We run a large pool of professional local drivers in various vehicles throughout the city, so a courier is always available should you need an item delivered. 

We offer a versatile subscription-based delivery service with charges based on the required number of deliveries. 

You can speak to us and amend your subscription to accommodate busy and quiet times, meaning you only pay for the deliveries you need. 

If our Chicago Delivery Service sounds interesting, get on track and outsource delivery to Metrobi now and request a callback.

6 Reasons to Outsource Delivery for Self-Distribution in Chicago
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