5 Key Characteristics of Top Chicago Courier Services

Chicago is a big and vibrant city. Its convenient central Midwest location and wealth of attractions make it one of America’s most popular and attractive locations, but with that comes traffic, and for those on the road, getting from one place to another can be a nightmare.

According to a 2022 survey, Chicago is the most congested city in the United States, with commuters losing an average of 155 hours a year stuck in traffic –more than New York, Boston, and Los Angeles. 

Avoiding traffic is the main reason so many city retailers now outsource their deliveries to a professional Chicago courier service, as these specialist companies offer you the best chance of getting your products to customers on time. 

You could use many local courier services in Chicago, but you do need to do your research as not every Chicago delivery service is the same. 

If you run one of the many businesses thinking of outsourcing logistics to an express delivery service, you must ensure that the express courier service you choose has the right tools to do the job. 

Consider these five characteristics to help you decide which delivery service in Chicago is best.

5 Key Characteristics of Top Chicago Courier Services - chicago courier service -
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1. Speed

Customers expect their packages delivered quickly and often on the same day, so the speed the courier service can pick up and deliver your items is of the essence when deciding on an express courier service. 

But getting from A to B and navigating Chicago’s downtown and commuter traffic is never as easy as it seems, even for the best local delivery services. 

Although projects like the new Jane Byrne Interchange have started to relieve congestion, the city has a long way to go before many streets become free-flowing. 

For a professional Chicago courier service to deliver packages on time, they must have sufficient drivers and vehicles on the road and use the latest route optimization software to avoid hold-ups, accidents, and delays.

2. Flexibility

Another essential factor to consider when choosing an express courier service is flexibility. 

You need to question if the delivery service in Chicago can handle the average number of pick-ups and deliveries you need and if they can step up the service should you suddenly require more deliveries, say after a promotional campaign or on the run-up to the holidays. 

A good Chicago delivery service will be flexible and have knowledgeable local drivers who know how to navigate the city and the resources to accommodate all your delivery needs, no matter the volume, so that you can rely on them. This will allow you time to focus on other aspects of your business, knowing your customer will be happy and their expectations met.

5 Key Characteristics of Top Chicago Courier Services - chicago courier service -
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3. Price

Contrary to popular belief, outsourcing to a Chicago courier service can be cost-effective.


Many small businesses assume that using a professional delivery service will be too expensive, so they initially try and deliver the goods themselves.


However, opting to use a reliable express courier in Chicago can save you money, as buying vehicles, payrolling drivers, and equipping vans with the right traffic-beating technology typically costs far more and rarely proves as reliable.


Although a same-day courier service will be more costly, by outsourcing, you forgo significant expenses in favour of more manageable costs or a subscription based on the number of packages you need to deliver.


Furthermore, you can recoup the service’s expense, as most Chicago customers are willing to pay a little extra for reliable same-day delivery.


This makes using a Chicago delivery service far more practical and affordable for many smaller organizations, provided that you agree on a transparent and competitive pricing structure and no additional costs are hidden in the small print.

4. Time

Organizing and delivering items yourself takes time, and for most, this time is better spent focusing on other aspects of the business rather than sitting behind the wheel stuck in traffic. 

If you are one of the 100,000+ small businesses in Chicago, or perhaps a new retailer with limited staff focusing on product development and attracting orders is just as important as ensuring they are delivered correctly. 

There will also be periods like Black Friday or Thanksgiving when you have more items to deliver than others. Demand fluctuation can be hard to accommodate if you are trying to deliver the packages yourself. 

Using a reliable third party to deliver your goods will allow you to adapt to your customer demand without worrying that you can’t fulfill the orders, which is far more productive.

5 Key Characteristics of Top Chicago Courier Services - chicago courier service -
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5. Technology

Today, all successful businesses use technology to streamline operations and stay ahead of their competition. However, keeping current with the latest advances and models is costly. 

The best Chicago delivery services are constantly searching for new ways to make delivering goods quicker and easier. 

For example, at Metrobi, technology plays a vital role in our business, and we use a wide range of state-of-the-art software, systems, and devices to help us offer customers a premium service and ensure that goods reach their destination on time. 

Not only do our drivers use the most advanced route optimization technology and re-routing software to help them avoid accidents and congestion, but we also use GPS and barcode technology so that you can track your items as they travel the streets of the city from the moment the courier picks them up to the second they reach their location. 

This intelligent real-time tracking is a great benefit for you and your customers, as you can see the whereabouts of your items at any time by logging in to our system and simply entering the unique code attached to the package. Using this technology, we can estimate the time of arrival, keep you informed, and troubleshoot if there is a problem or delay. 

Furthermore, our couriers also use devices that take a photo of the package when it reaches your customer and a handheld device to capture the electronic signature of the recipient. 

These images can then be used as proof of delivery and evidence if an issue with the order or your delivery comes into question.

Contact Metrobi, A Leading Chicago Courier Service

At Metrobi, we take a different approach to most other Chicago courier services by providing a subscription-based delivery service with charges based on your expected volume of deliveries. 

We have a large fleet of local drivers and vehicles on the go day and night, taking items from one place to another throughout the city. 

To use our service, you simply log in to our easy-to-use platform, where you can organize single or batch deliveries and track them right through to delivery online. 

We also allocate a dedicated customer account manager that is on hand to oversee your needs and assist with any issues you may have. 

If you would like to know more about the benefits of using Metrobi and our Chicago delivery services, please request a callback.

5 Key Characteristics of Top Chicago Courier Services
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