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Transparent Deliveries: How Does Metrobi Improve Customer Satisfaction?

As a business owner who ships products every day, you must know very well that delivery recipients want to know where their packages are, every step of the way. In fact, according to recent research, 93% of customers want to stay informed throughout the entire delivery process.

On the other hand, unsatisfactory delivery experiences cause over half of customers to drop off. Since transparency plays a huge role in alleviating worries and customer satisfaction, it is vital for repeat business and account retention.

Trying to be crystal clear with your shipment status all the time may not be possible if you’re running your logistics operations on your own, especially without the help of an advanced delivery software. Luckily, Metrobi can help you inform your customers throughout the entire process so you are able to bring them the most value.

Here’s everything we do to improve communication with delivery recipients.

Email Notifications

We inform our delivery recipients from many different channels. Email is one of them, since we want to make sure any critical bit of information regarding their items does not fall through the cracks.

1 – When you initiate a delivery for your customers, our system sends out an email to the recipient that there is a package for them scheduled to arrive. This improves on time drop offs, and overall customer satisfaction.

2 – Additionally, you can also choose to forward route information to your customers, so they are able to see it for themselves. This makes communicating with your customers much easier since it can be arranged with a few clicks.

3 – Once deliveries are complete, we send another final email about their packages being dropped off, complete with proof of delivery photos sent as an attachment. This alleviates potential worries and ensures that they know where to find their items if they were not present to receive them themselves.

Delivery Notifications

We found that notifying recipients before deliveries increases on time drop offs and customer satisfaction dramatically. So, we send your customers an SMS notification 10 minutes before arrival. They are prepared to receive the packages for a smoother process, and they always appreciate the heads-up.

If the recipients are not present during the dropoff, but there’s something that they would need to know, our drivers are also able to call them upon arrival from our system to let them know so they are up to date on everything.

Receiver Platform

Delivery live tracking might be a necessary tool for customer satisfaction these days, but it’s still a feature that is fairly expensive to implement when you’re running your own operations. The monthly cost of a last mile software that supports this feature will be $350 at the minimum. This does not include driver pay, vehicles, or other operational costs.

At Metrobi, we’ve observed that being able to live track the vehicle and items as they travel was such a big relief for so many of our partners that we decided to extend that feature to the recipient end as well. This way, we are able to ensure a premium experience for your customers while saving you a lot of operational headaches.

Now when you initiate a delivery, your customers will have their own dashboard to see the deliveries in progress as well as the ETA information and plan their days accordingly.

They can also report any issues directly from their recipient platform without having to contact you. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Proof of Delivery Photos

In the event of an unexpected situation, we want you to be able to resolve everything as quickly and as easily as possible. Additionally, if the recipients are not home or at their workplace when the items arrive, we want them to be notified about everything that’s going on.

So, our drivers document their loaded vehicles before they leave the pickup location, and they take clear proof of delivery photos on each stop.

Those images are uploaded to our system, and they are also sent to the recipients via SMS and email. If they were not present to receive the items, they can see exactly where they were dropped off, and in what condition.

Any suggestions?

There’s a cool new feature on your mind that you think would improve delivery communication with your recipients? We’re all ears.

At Metrobi we always listen to our community for feedback, and regularly make improvements to our platform so you and your customers get the most value out of it.

Request a callback below and we can help you get started right away!

Transparent Deliveries: How does Metrobi improve customer satisfaction?
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