A hands-on approach for stress-free deliveries: dedicated account manager

Stress-Free Deliveries in 4 Steps with a Dedicated Account Manager

At Metrobi we recognize that by taking on your deliveries, we are being responsible for a very big and important part of your business – especially since it’s a customer-facing part. Instead of being just a regular third-party delivery platform, we become an extension of your team, supporting your business’ growth.

For this reason, communication is a highly critical aspect of what we do. To ensure everything is being relayed correctly and you are getting the best value out of our product, we have a dedicated Account Manager who is responsible for keeping up with your account and making sure that your interactions with Metrobi are positive. They will also be assisting you closely as you expand your operations and grow your business.

It can be extremely helpful to have a real person that you can regularly communicate with who will assist you from beginning to the end to improve your experience. Let’s take a look at how your Account Manager can help you make the most of Metrobi.

Seamless Onboarding

It’s always so exciting to see new companies join our platform, but it is also our duty to make sure you are properly informed to be able to manage your routes and your drivers with ease.

As a new partner, you will go through a very thorough onboarding process that’s designed to ensure you are self-sufficient when using Metrobi to take care of your deliveries, and guarantee that your operations are carried on to our platform without a hitch. Onboarding will also be the first of your many interactions with your Account Manager.

Your dedicated Account Manager will make sure you understand how our product works, answer your questions, and guide you on how you can best use it to fit your unique delivery needs.

They will check in with you routinely during your first few routes to make sure everything is going well and that you are happy with the service.

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Matching Your Business With the Correct Drivers

Did you know that our Account Management is working very closely with our Operations Team to ensure customers are matched with the correct drivers? Businesses can have drastically different delivery needs, and drivers also provide a range of services. Not every driver is a good fit for your business.

During onboarding, your Account Manager will get a chance to understand what your delivery needs are and communicate those to our Operations Team so everyone is on the same page. They will also be in touch if there are any improvements to be made about your routes.

You can also make this process easier by adding an “About Us” section for your business on our platform to ensure your routes attract the correct drivers. Adding drivers you’ve liked to your Preferred Drivers List is another great way that facilitates successful driver matching.

Problem Solving

Your Account Manager is there to answer any and all your questions about the platform and solve your problems with your account. They are a source of truth for all of your interactions with our platform.

You can also reach out to them about your route-specific concerns. If you have questions about an upcoming route, or need to discuss a past route to change a few things in the future, they are there to help.

They listen to your feedback to make sure your business’ needs are met.

Personalized Suggestions for Growth

Think of your Metrobi Account Manager as someone who knows your business and your needs inside and out, and can make helpful suggestions to make sure your experience is continuously improved. They will be instrumental in finding customized solutions to your unique delivery needs, and help you understand the details of our platform to help you grow.

We continuously listen to feedback from our partners and constantly make changes to our platform to improve your experience. Your Account Manager will update you when new features roll out to make sure you don’t miss anything that can be useful and guide you through them, and you can always contact them if you need a little help figuring out how to use the new features.

Finally, when your business is going through a particular growth phase, your Account Manager will be a valuable source that you can consult on how Metrobi can best support you during your expansion to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Final Thoughts

One of the most frustrating parts of many services is not being able to communicate with a real person during times when you need support. Having a dedicated Account Manager that knows how your business operates and what your unique needs are can be invaluable for your company.

Every day, lots of businesses grow their geography and sales confidently, knowing they can rely on Metrobi. Interested to be among them?

Request a callback so we can start planning the next steps for your business.

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