Finding Delivery Drivers: Do you really need one?

Do you really need a delivery driver?

You may be searching on Google these questions below to find solutions to your delivery needs.

What do I need to build my own fleet?
A cargo van and a dedicated, full-time driver.

How much is a van?
The average price for a cargo van is $30,000.

How much do delivery drivers get paid?
The average salary for a delivery driver is $15-35/hour and $20,000-45,000/year.

What about the extra costs?
You will need to budget for maintenance, insurance, fuel, etc.

Let us tell you: it costs a lot!

But how does everyone grow their business under these circumstances? Is there an alternative to buying a van and hiring a delivery driver?

Yes, there is Metrobi.

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Alternative solutions to building your own fleet

Before diving into what Metrobi offers for B2B companies, let’s clarify what one should expect from a delivery fleet.


The most important feature of a delivery fleet is reliability. You need to deliver on time, always, to maintain your reputation. To achieve this, you need to build your delivery team of reliable and professional people who respect their duties and pay attention to their schedules.


Your team needs to look and act professionally when they visit customers. This is very important because they are the faces of your business when they are with the customers, and the impression they make on your customer will cause your business to grow or fail.


The final key feature of a good delivery fleet is efficiency. You need to deliver without wasting a lot of time or traveling a lot of miles. Also, you need to ask, does everyone work equally in your delivery team or do you fail to assign enough tasks for each member in your team? If some people overwork and others stay idle, it means your work efficiency is failing. Likewise, you need to load your delivery vehicles equally. Overloading harms your vehicles. To achieve work efficiency, you need to review your operations.

Finding Delivery Drivers: Do You Really Need One? - Finding Delivery Drivers -

Metrobi delivers it for you

In Boston, Metrobi provides local delivery service for B2B companies.

Rather than dealing with all the troubles of building a delivery team, many companies use this cost-effective solution; we are especially popular with wholesale companies.

With Metrobi:

  • You do not need to buy or lease a van.
  • You do not need to hire a delivery person.
  • You do not need to spend time managing a delivery team.

Metrobi finds the best vehicles and drivers.

Thanks to its advanced route optimization software, Metrobi delivers your packages always on time.

If you want to focus on your business rather than on dealing with all the troubles of building a delivery fleet, request a callback like many other companies have done in the Boston area.

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