How does the Metrobi operations team become an extension of your business?

How Does the Metrobi Operations Team Become an Extension of Your Business

If you’ve ever tried to handle your deliveries on your own, then you might know that last mile logistics are a complicated and time consuming operation. There are many different moving pieces, so lots of things can go wrong. Whether it’s a large logistics company or a small business taking care of their deliveries in-house, they require an extensive and dedicated team working hard to ensure everything gets delivered on time and without issues.

At Metrobi, we take it one step further; we don’t just deliver your items to their recipients like yet another gig app, but we provide a seamless, custom experience throughout – both for you and your customers. After all, our goal is to become a reliable extension of your company so that you can lean on us as you map out the future of your business and its growth.

To ensure that, we have a dedicated and hard working team of (currently) 7, working in shifts to ensure every delivery goes without a hitch, 24/7. Here are the steps that our Operations Team takes to ensure they are working perfectly in sync with your business.

A Team that Understands Your Needs

You might think an Operations Team’s main job is to make sure that the active deliveries are handled without a hitch, and the drivers are working according to certain standards; but did you know that they also work very closely with our customers?

Each and every business is very unique, and there are many different types of deliveries that all require very different approaches on the drivers’ end. Our ultimate goal is to match your business with suitable drivers, and eventually build long-term relationships for the most efficient and successful deliveries.

To be able to do that, we must first understand how your business operates and what your delivery needs are. After you are onboarded to our platform, our Operations Team reaches out to you to ask about what you will need during your deliveries, what challenges you’ve faced before, the nature of your products, as well as how they need to be handled. They will also ask you who your customers are and whether you need residential or wholesale delivery or pickups.

After we understand in detail what you need, we then inform and educate the drivers so there is no disconnect between the two parties.

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Smooth Deliveries Every Time

Once we get to know your business, we reach out to the drivers who picked up your routes and share this information with them to set accurate expectations. They are thoroughly informed about the size and weight of items, whether they will do residential or business deliveries, or do bulk or single drop offs. If they will need additional equipment to complete the tasks, like a dolly for example, we give them a heads up so they can come prepared.

They are also informed about the type of proof of delivery, and what they need to pay attention to. We make sure that the driver who picks up your route is fit to be able to carry out your requirements. Ultimately, our Operations Team works to minimize delivery issues, damages, and errors due to miscommunication.

Operations Team’s Role in Ensuring Good Business & Driver Matches

The average rating of our driver pool is currently 4.9, which means you are always being matched with top notch drivers – but our ultimate goal is to establish a smooth, reliable, and long-term working relationship between drivers and businesses.

In order to do that, as mentioned earlier, we initially communicate with both parties to match the best possible drivers for routes. Our Operations Team also takes into consideration drivers’ past experiences. If your business needs flower deliveries, a driver with similar past experience who knows how to handle delicate products will be helpful to make sure things go smoothly.

Educating drivers in detail according to your standards and needs is the second piece of the puzzle that ensures successful deliveries.

Finally, we also continuously guide and motivate our drivers to ask questions and get to know your business. They are encouraged to work independently with businesses, and be very hands on with the work they do for you, so they will build good relationships and be able to eventually act as an extension of your own team.

Final Thoughts

With some of our Operations Team members having over 20 years of experience in deliveries, we understand the challenges that come with the last mile, and we continuously come up with effective solutions to improve your delivery experience.

Lots of companies that we work with are able to provide consistent, reliable deliveries to their customers and grow their businesses through the effective work of our Operations Team and their ability to improve communication and find top performing drivers for your business.

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