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7 benefits of using route scheduling software

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Over the past few years, there has been a shift in how people purchase goods, and now far more businesses and consumers buy online and expect the rapid delivery of the items they order to their doorstep.

However, organizing deliveries can pose problems if you are a small or medium business with a limited budget and resources, as the initial cost of purchasing vehicles and hiring delivery staff is high. Consider leveraging multi-stop route planning to optimize your delivery routes and reduce costs. Discover in our latest post how planning routes with multiple stops can be a game-changer for your business.

Many studies have shown traffic is a serious issue in the US. The time it takes to navigate traffic and deliver the goods yourself is also impractical in many cases, as it cuts into time that could be better spent sourcing, selling, or developing the products so your company can grow and expand.

This is why so many businesses now choose to either outsource their delivery needs to a professional express courier service like Metrobi or use innovative route scheduling software if they intend to run the deliveries themselves.

So, how can route planning software make a difference to your company? Why is route scheduling now a vital logistics tool for businesses of all sizes?

To best answer these questions, consider the following seven advantages of using advanced route scheduling software.

1. Route Optimization Saves Time

The latest route planning technology uses complex algorithms to devise the most direct and efficient route from one destination to another within seconds. This saves you considerable time manually plotting a path from place to place. Discover how optimizing your routes can streamline your operations and lower operational expenses by reducing drive times and fuel consumption.

Route planning software also keeps the time stuck in traffic and congestion to a minimum via the use of geolocations and GPS technology. This clever feature analyzes the time of day and traffic patterns in the vicinity and re-routes couriers along free-flowing streets and highways to avoid congestion and ultimately get to the destination on time. Optimizing delivery routes is a strategic move for improving efficiency and customer satisfaction, underlining why it’s fundamental for delivery businesses to thrive.

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2. Route Planning Software Is Cost-Effective

Using logistics technology like Metrobi’s route scheduling software saves you money. This is because it is specifically designed to direct drivers along the most efficient route from point A to point B.

Following these carefully formulated directions, you get to reduce fuel costs while keeping the wear and tear to your vehicle to a minimum. The courier also works to their full potential, meaning they can often deliver goods to more locations and customers on a single journey. Discover the secrets of courier efficiency by optimizing your routes with Google Maps, ensuring you maximize deliveries while minimizing wasted time and fuel.

3. You Are Kept Informed Via Real-Time Tracking

The most advanced route optimization software now includes a real-time tracking feature that allows both you and your customers to see where the driver and their package are at any time.

Live tracking is a game-changer for most delivery and supply businesses, as it transmits accurate data in real-time via GPS, allowing you to predict hold-ups and delays and get an approximate idea of when the item should arrive with its recipient.

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4. Route Planning Software Comes with A User-Friendly Mobile App

We’ve all faced complex technology that takes a genius to master. Thankfully, route optimization software, like Metrobi’s, comes with an easy-to-use mobile app to allow both you and the driver to manage all aspects of the delivery process.

This online app lets you and the driver amend delivery and time schedules, share route updates, and inform each other of changes in customer requirements. It helps to keep the delivery plans running smoothly and reduces the chance of customer complaints and delays.

5. Route Optimization Software Gives You Proof of Delivery

The best route optimization tools now make it possible for you to receive a digital photo of the item at its end location and the recipient’s electronic signature with the time and date to use as proof of delivery. Discover which route optimization software stands out as the top performer in 2024, enhancing delivery efficiency while providing valuable proof of delivery features.

The generation of proof of receipt is a valuable feature that helps to avoid dealing with difficult customer feedback, complaints, and force majeure claims, especially if you deliver sensitive, high-cost, or fragile items. These electronic documents are sent via the driver’s handheld device or smartphone seconds after receiving the items. They can then be stored easily in your customer’s files should they ever question the status of their last-mile delivery.

6. You Can Generate Complex Multi-Stop Routes with Planning Software

It’s relatively easy to plot a single journey using free route-planning apps. However, if you need to make drops at multiple locations or run a local delivery service, devising the best route is far more time-consuming and troublesome.

The innovative technology and algorithms used in advanced route-planning software make creating complex multi-stop journeys a breeze. By simply imputing the zip codes or addresses of the pick-ups and drop-offs, the software quickly generates the best and most efficient route between the points, saving you considerable time and hassle. Optimizing routes in this manner not only streamlines scheduling but also contributes to noticeable reductions in operating expenses and fuel consumption.

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7. Dynamic Route Scheduling Software Costs Less Than You Think

There are many logistics and route optimization tools on the market with the price and features of the software varying considerably.

With Metrobi delivery planning software, a driver can benefit from all the above features at an affordable, low monthly price.

As a courier service ourselves, we know how demanding clients and the efficient running of deliveries can be. We also understand the difference using advanced route planning software can make to a business that needs to run orders and goods to customers on a regular basis.

If you need to deliver goods reliably, be it yourself or by outsourcing to a professional local courier, get in touch, as we can help.

Our local delivery service operates on a 24/7 basis throughout the year, and we run a large pool of local drivers and vehicles throughout the area available to pick up and deliver goods within various timeframes.

In addition, Metrobi also offers bespoke business-to-business couriers that specialize in delivering the likes of artisan and baked goods, flowers, beverages, fresh produce, and even coffee.

Alternatively, if you intend to deliver goods yourself, you can now use our state-of-the-art route scheduling software to ensure your logistics run as efficiently as possible.

The time and cost savings you make using either option make our services accessible to most businesses.

If you would like to know more about Metrobi and what we can do for you, please request a callback.  

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