Why do top performing drivers choose Metrobi?

Why Do Top Performing Drivers Choose Metrobi?

After each completed delivery, we ask our customers to rate their experience and their driver. The culmination of all that data shows that the current average rating of our driver pool is 4.9. Wonder why it’s that high?

It’s because we want to provide our customers with the best possible delivery process, which means we work hard to provide a good experience and fair compensation to top performing drivers so they want to continue working for our platform. To ensure that we have a top performing driver pool, we hand pick our drivers and put them through a thorough onboarding process so they’re ready to tackle all of the routes without a hitch.

Here’s all the effort that goes into retaining best drivers and providing seamless deliveries for our customers.

A Modern Approach to Recruiting

One of the key elements to find and maintain top performing drivers is setting accurate and realistic expectations. After our drivers fill out a simple application form including their location and vehicle type, we gather all the data and analyze it, keeping the market and their vehicle type in mind.

Our Operations Team carefully considers our existing customers in each location and the types of vehicles they need, and hires drivers accordingly. We want to make sure that there are always enough drivers to handle each and every route, but also that the active drivers that we have on the platform are able to find reliable and frequent work, so we don’t lose them due to a lack of routes.

After our Operations Team understands our recruitment needs, they ask our drivers to submit a profile picture, vehicle photos, insurance documents and driver’s license. They then carefully review this information, run background checks and verify everything. We only hire drivers who meet our standards.

Thorough Onboarding

The first step to onboarding our drivers is an initial phone call to get to know them in person and find out more about their background, their past experiences with deliveries, and their expectations from the Metrobi platform so that we can match them with the routes that fit what they have experience in, and what they are looking for.

We then introduce them to Metrobi and what we stand for, our work model and our goals to ensure that we are a good fit. We want owner/operators and drivers who want to grow alongside us and our customers’ businesses.

Afterwards, we inform our drivers about who our customers are. We let them know that they are growing local businesses who are still building their audience and their own customer base, which makes it even more critical that their deliveries are successful. On-time deliveries with excellent customer service is crucial for customer retention, repeat business, and referrals, which local businesses depend on. Hammering these points home is a significant part of our driver onboarding process. 

Gig Quality

A huge contributor to our success in attracting and retaining top performing drivers is the quality of our gigs. Unlike other delivery services where drivers carry extremely heavy items that can potentially cause injuries, Metrobi drivers have much less physically demanding jobs.

They are also fairly compensated for their time, the fuel they spend, tolls they incur, and the wear and tear on their vehicles, which makes it profitable and sustainable to continue working for Metrobi. Through repeat work, they get better at what they do and build good relationships with our customers which leads to more successful deliveries and more work.

Another aspect that our drivers appreciate is being able to work for a variety of industries and businesses from different backgrounds. Especially if they have different sizes of vehicles registered on our system, they are able to do different types of jobs and earn with both. This gives them flexibility, adds variety to their work and gives them the opportunity to do what they love. 

Help During Routes

What sets our Operations Team apart is their hands-on approach to deliveries. If drivers are facing issues while on the road, they can reach out to our Operations Team anytime for help to clarify things and solve problems, which further ensures driver retention since they feel supported.

Additionally, we foster an environment where there is constant communication and feedback between drivers and companies, which guides drivers and sets them up for success, and eventually for more repeat work.

In Summary

At Metrobi, we carefully choose the drivers we onboard, and put them through a diligent training process to ensure they understand what we stand for and what your business needs. This ensures that they go into their routes knowing what to expect and how to execute perfectly.

Additionally, the ease of work, fair compensation, variety of jobs, open communication and continuous support ensures that we are able to retain our top performing drivers and provide you with a consistent delivery quality that you can rely on.

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Why do top performing drivers choose Metrobi?
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We started Metrobi to take operations off of your plate. We provide drivers (rated 4.97/5), dedicated operation managers (70% cheaper), and routing software with a receiver notification system.