Jacobson Floral

Jacobson Floral complements in-house delivery operations with Metrobi delivery service to serve a broader area and reach more customers.

Jacobson Floral - Jacobson Floral Delivers With Metrobi -
Jacobson Floral - Jacobson Floral Delivers With Metrobi -

We've been delivering with Metrobi for about a year. We appreciate their convenience, low delivery costs, and flexibility. At Jacobson, we hold our drivers to a very high standard and have been pleased to see Metrobi's drivers meet those standards. With Metrobi, we can fulfill multiple small orders instead of accumulating a bulk amount, which is valuable because it gives us the ability to sell to a different segment of customers and respond to urgent needs.

About Jacobson Floral

As the largest floral hard goods supplier in New England and one of the largest in the United States, Jacobson’s mission is to provide customers with the widest selection, most unique offerings, and finest-quality products from hundreds of manufacturers, as well as their own direct imports.

With a highly knowledgeable and dedicated sales team and support staff, Jacobson strives every day to exceed expectations in service and product quality. Since 1943, that’s been the Jacobson way.

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Jacobson Floral - Jacobson Floral Delivers With Metrobi -
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Family-Owned and Operated Since 1943

In 1943, Edward Jacobson opened Jacobson Floral Supply, Inc. (Jacobson) to provide high-quality ribbons for floral bouquets and arrangements to retail florists. He set up operations in a small garage next to his apartment in Brighton, Massachusetts, and as he expanded the company’s inventory beyond ribbon, he later moved the business to Tremont Street in Boston. The company continued to grow, and in 1970, Jacobson moved to its present location at 500 Albany Street. From its humble beginnings to a leader in floral supply products, Jacobson continues to be a family-owned and operated business, now in its third generation.
Jacobson Floral - Jacobson Floral Delivers With Metrobi -

Why Jacobson customers choose us

Over 30 years ago, we began directly importing our products from all over the world. Therefore, we serve customers with the finest quality and most unique products at the best value.

Our customers can call us at the last minute, in some cases even at midnight. And, we deliver 35 boxes of products within a day.

We’re an extension of their businesses. We’re more than a supplier. They don’t have to invest in bulk inventory. They know that we get the products to them as if it is on their premises.

Our sales team has decades of combined experience in the floral industry and have been working with our customers for a long time. It is deeper than a business relationship – it’s like a family. Our customers know they can depend on us when they are in a pinch – sometimes calling us for deliveries the same day.

Jacobson Floral - Jacobson Floral Delivers With Metrobi -
Jacobson Floral - Jacobson Floral Delivers With Metrobi -

We're like a family here at Jacobson Floral

Chuck: I’ve been with Jacobson for 27 years. We’re like a family here. I’ve worked on every side of the business, so every day is different. There are always problems to fix, but I like the sense of accomplishment I leave with every day.

Tom: I’ve been with Jacobson for 7 years. Earlier in my career, I worked for a large corporation. My experience here has been rewarding. I’ve built personal relationships with customers and my teammates. We’re invested in the success of our customers, and will move mountains to serve them. 

Our proudest moments at Jacobson

Chuck: A few years ago, we partnered with Seagroatt Riccardi in Connecticut. It was a great fit. They had a good fresh flower offering and we have a vast selection of floral hardgoods. The new access to a huge range of product selection brought a ton of value to our customers. It was especially rewarding for me, as our consultant back then asked Bill Jacobson who would be transferring the culture. He thought of me. I was in charge of the location and running the business almost independently, which meant I had a lot of autonomy. Despite the challenge of staying at a hotel for 4-5 days a week, I truly enjoyed these times. This was one of my proudest moments at Jacobson – to represent our company and culture.

Tom: Like many companies, when COVID started our volumes dropped. Overnight we had new challenges to solve.  I was proud to see how well our awesome team stepped up to the plate. Everyone went above and beyond.  We put in long hours helping our customers for Easter and Mother Day and are proud to have persevered despite the challenges and restrictions posed by the disease. In my time with Jacobson, the way we came together as a team is what I’m proudest of.

Jacobson Floral - Jacobson Floral Delivers With Metrobi -

With Metrobi, we have better flexibility and technology.

Metrobi and our in house fleet work almost identical in terms of delivery operations. 


We can see the delivery pictures and signed invoices anytime. No paperwork needed. See how Metrobi delivers

Transparent Pricing

Another advantage is Metrobi allows us to see the pricing in real-time. We add another stop and see what it costs.
Calculate Metrobi courier delivery rates

"Metrobi allows us to see the pricing in real-time."


Drivers are right on time.

Live Tracking

We track the drivers and see where our packages are.


Metrobi drivers are incentivized to do the deliveries faster because the delivery price is calculated upfront.

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