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With all the time Benjamin saved with deliveries, he started to offer a new service for his customers: personalized meal prep in their houses

Luno Culinary - Luno Culinary -
Luno Culinary - Luno Culinary -


Benjamin was doing everything: he would have a day of cooking, a day of delivery, and then parties on the weekends. Eventually, he decided to scale it down to one delivery day. Sundays were impossible because of brunches, and private parties. So he started cooking on Monday for Tuesday delivery only, cutting his workload in half, and losing 10% of his sales. But not before putting 100,000 miles on his car doing it. Ouch!


Now Benjamin has extra time to focus on his business and spend time with his kids. All this free time allowed him to introduce one more service: making personalized meal prep in their customers’ homes.

Luno Culinary - Luno Culinary -

“Metrobi does exactly what I wanted my drivers to do, but without having to be reminded about it or in chastised. It just works. Nobody makes my job easier than myself, but you guys come in close second. Working with you has been such a load off my shoulders and my lower back from sitting in the car all day. So, yeah, it's fantastic. Anyone else that provides a similar service to what I do or caters, I tell them about you.”

About LuNo Culinary

Whether you’re craving a week’s worth of delicious meals created exclusively for you and your family, or want to throw a dinner party without getting your hands dirty — all you need to do is rely on LuNo Culinary’s chef services in all of South Florida including Miami and Broward Counties to eat what you want, when you want it.
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Luno Culinary - Luno Culinary -
Luno Culinary - Luno Culinary -

How everything started

Q: How did your business begin?

Benjamin: “I’ve been cooking for 27 years. I started when I was 15, as a dishwasher in restaurants — worked my way up. When I was 17, I went to culinary school and spent 20 years in restaurants. I opened a restaurant in Champagne, France. We traveled around Mexico, and I’ve been down here in Miami for about ten years now. When my daughter was born, I was like: ‘I want a better schedule. I can’t do this restaurant life anymore.’ So I started working as a chef at a private restaurant in a retirement building. That was my introduction to private. After that, I started doing catering and working for some other local chefs, and then eventually someone pulled me aside; they were like: ‘Hey, can you do a dinner for me?’ And so I started just booking my dinners, building my client list after maybe a year of working with other chefs and caters in the area, and then after doing a few events, I would get inquiries for meal prep. Eventually, other people inquired, and it grew to the point that I had to write a whole menu. I’ve never really styled my business or anything that I do. I kind of just went with the flow, and based on client requests and input, I’d get back from feedback. I built this whole system, and from what I’ve come to understand, it’s very different than what other people are doing for meal prep.  That’s why so many people, once they finally found our service, are like: ‘We’re not going anywhere else. It’s like everything that meal prep should be without all the other stuff.’ So I guess I figured out a pretty good system. Now we have a website with online ordering, and we accept payment online.”

Q: What do you think made LuNo successful as a business?

Benjamin: “Other than being the father? Because I’m supposed to say that cooking for Anthony Bourdain or opening my restaurant in France that I built myself. Yeah, this is a pretty cool accomplishment. And then building this business. Really. My client list is 100% organic. It’s all word of mouth. I’ve never paid for advertising. Yeah, being self-employed for five years is pretty impressive.”

Luno Culinary - Luno Culinary -
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LuNo's favorite things about Metrobi

Drivers that provide a high-quality service

“You guys do exactly what I wanted my drivers to do, but without having to be reminded about it or in chastised. It just works.”

More time and freedom to expand his services, and make his business more profitable

“Eventually I decided to scale, so I started cooking on Monday for Tuesday delivery only. But I didn't lose half my sales. I cut my workload in half, but I didn't lose half my sales. I lost, like, 10%. Metrobi allows me to get another day of work, It saved me a lot of time, and a lot of stress. It's a little more expensive than I was paying my drivers, and, of course, way more than I was paying myself. But there's value to it still.”

And left even more room for growth

“I've added a new service, which is something I would always offer, but people have been requesting it more, which is me coming into their house and doing meal prep in their house. And so I added a lot of money to my income doing that. And then I'm considering adding another delivery day on Friday.”

How Metrobi works

“My clients told me he did an exceptional job. Five stars. So, yeah, you guys are making me so happy and making me look good.”

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