5 free and paid job posting sites to find delivery drivers

5 Free and Paid Job Posting Sites to Find Delivery Drivers

If you are looking for a delivery driver, publishing your job post online would be a good start.

There are many websites as a job board. However, it may become complicated if you do not know the best job boards to hire someone quickly.

We want to share 5 good resources to publish your job post that you can use when you employ a delivery driver in the U.S.

Best Free Job Posting Sites

#1 Indeed (free)

See driver jobs in Massachusetts on Indeed
Indeed is the most visited job posting website in the U.S. It allows you to post your driver jobs for completely free. There is an option to boost your post to reach out more people but you can still find a person you look for with the free plan.
Post a job on Indeed

#2 Jora (free)

See driver jobs in Massachusetts on Jora
Jora is one of the most visited job posting websites in the U.S. It is completely free to post jobs on Jora.
Post a job on Jora

#3 Jobisite (free)

Jobisite is another free job posting website to find a delivery driver. Although it is not a popular job posting website for other industries, there are many delivery driver jobs on Jobisite. You need to create an account to post a job.
Post a job on Jobisite

Best Paid Job Posting Sites

#4 Craigslist (paid)

See driver jobs in Boston on Craigslist
Craigslist is one of the most popular job boards in the U.S. You can reach hundreds of people thanks to its high traffic. As a job seeker, it is free to see the job posts. However, if you want to post your job on Craigslist you need to pay a fee per desired category. Prices are ranged from $15-75 according to the city that you want your job to be posted. Currently, it is $45 for Boston, MA to post a job.
Post a job on Craigslist

#5 Glassdoor (paid)

Glassdoor is another online job posting website with a high traffic. Glassdoor’s outstanding feature is the employee reviews. Anyone who is looking for a job can visit Glassdoor and read the reviews and ratings of the company that published the job post. It is free for job seekers but if you want to post a job, you have to pay. It offers a free trial to test the service.
Post a job on Glassdoor

Alternative solutions to hiring a delivery driver

5 Free And Paid Job Posting Sites To Find Delivery Drivers - Free Job Posting Sites -

Rather than dealing with all the troubles of building a delivery team, many companies use Metrobi’s local delivery solution; we are especially popular with wholesale companies.

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  • You do not need to hire a delivery person.
  • You do not need to spend time managing a delivery team.

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5 Free And Paid Job Posting Sites To Find Delivery Drivers - Free Job Posting Sites -

Sounds good?

If you want to focus on your business rather than on dealing with the troubles of employing a delivery driverget a quote now just like many companies do in Boston.

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