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Last mile delivery tracking: What it is and why it matters

Last Mile Delivery Tracking: What It Is and Why It Matters

Experts estimate the last mile delivery market to reach $200.42 Billion by 2027 at a 9.29% CAGR, which clearly reveals the massive demand by customers. In today’s consumer climate and shopping behavior, with online shopping breaking records and e-commerce merchants working at full capacity, the importance of providing the best possible delivery experience is undebatable. 

What distinguishes your business from your competitors could be offering your customers a modern, seamless delivery experience, and that’s where delivery tracking comes into the picture. Looking from the customers’ point of view, what’s better than being able to follow the journey of your order in real time, right?  

What is Last Mile Delivery Tracking

Last mile delivery tracking is a service and technology that helps customers and businesses track the status of an order or a shipment. It is a service that provides real-time updates on the location of the products and their progress.

The last mile delivery service has been around for decades, but it has evolved significantly over time with new technologies like GPS, RFID, and other tracking devices, software, and apps.

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Why does Last Mile Delivery Tracking Matter?

If you are selling goods to be delivered to your customers, no matter how wonderful or competitively priced your products might be, you need a reliable delivery service. In the age of information, delivery tracking and transparency are almost as important as the quality of the products, and it’s backed by pretty convincing research.

With last mile delivery tracking, businesses automatically ensure that their customers have peace of mind regarding the safe and timely arrival of items, strengthening their image as a reliable company, which has a clear link to increased sales. Discover how leveraging live tracking for last mile delivery can further enhance customer satisfaction and drive revenue growth.

Last but not least, the customer is not the only party that takes advantage of last mile delivery tracking; the sender and the delivery driver are also parts of the equation, and transparency improves all of their experiences.

Last Mile Delivery Tracking for Senders

The starting point of a last mile operation is the sender. Being able to track the whole process is extra important for them since they need to be able to answer potential questions from their customers, and have peace of mind about shipped orders to focus on their other tasks. With last mile delivery tracking, senders can stay on top of their operations in three main ways:

Reducing errors: Being able to see every detail gives the sender full control over the last mile delivery operation. They are also able to increase the efficiency of their drivers. When used right, senders can take quicker actions to reduce errors.

Notifying customers: Creating a close relationship between the customer and sender is essential if you’re looking for increased loyalty scores. With last mile delivery tracking, senders can notify customers on necessary situations to create a more transparent and open buyer/seller communication.

Ensuring timely deliveries: Offering customers a tool to live track their orders makes them feel empowered and in control. It also gives a more accurate estimated time of delivery, which is bound to increase customer satisfaction.

Last Mile Delivery Tracking for Customers

As mentioned in detail earlier, if you want to bring in new customers and keep them buying from you, you are responsible to ensure that they are provided with a seamless level of service from beginning to the end.

Last mile delivery tracking is also a great way to relay to your customers that you have done your part and shipped the product on time and that the rest is in the capable hands of the delivery driver. What’s quite reassuring for both parties is that it’s all trackable. 

Some of the useful features of a last-mile delivery software are;

  • sending out an alert to the recipient when their package has been set on the road,
  • allowing drivers and customers to communicate directly,
  • and allowing the customers to track their products’ location in real-time.

Last Mile Delivery Tracking for the Drivers

Gone are the times of signed, sealed, and delivered. The supply chain has always been a complex business but with the help of technology, we are able to verify that delivery processes have visibility across the supply chain, particularly in the last mile.

Senders want to know where their goods are, customers want to know that their shipment is on their way and the delivery companies or operations managers want to track the delivery drivers working for them. Thanks to real-time tracking, everyone is continuously updated on the whereabouts of a shipment.

All parties can simply collect evidence of delivery via SMS verifications and proof of delivery images taken at the time of delivery, making delivery verification a breeze. This plays a huge role in protecting the drivers in the event that parcels go missing, and helps to avoid false loss claims.

The Takeaway

Last-mile delivery tracking is one of the revolutionary solutions that the delivery industry has come up with, and it benefits all parties involved. Now think about how much easier your life would be if you could have an all-in-one solution providing you with drivers, vehicles, delivery management software and delivery tracking.

Designed for wholesale and home deliveries, Metrobi is much more than a delivery service – it’s a part of your business. We handle your deliveries flawlessly while providing state-of-the-art delivery tracking technology for you and your customers.

Ensure customer satisfaction and increase your sales without the headache of delivery problems.

Let’s start planning the next steps for your business.

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