Meet a food influencer: Addison LaBonte

Addison LaBonte is a marathon runner who loves organic foods. Her secret is the Paleo diet combined with gluten-free foods. She shares amazing food shots with helpful Whole30 and Paleo recipes on Instagram. We spoke with Addison about her passion for food.

We realized you are a marathon runner and also you care about what you eat. Can you tell us about it more?

I was a college soccer player and after graduating, I wanted to stay in shape. I signed up for my first half marathon. After running for 3-4 miles, I’d notice severe pain in my legs. I was later diagnosed with Compartment Syndrome. I was told I had to get surgery or give up running, which devastated me. My aunt (a fellow marathoner) suggested I try going gluten free to help alleviate the pain. I went gluten free and it completely wiped away the pain. I’ve now been gluten free for 4 years and I feel better than ever!

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Can you tell us about your favorite childhood food?

Growing up, I loved burgers and fries, chicken fingers and pizza. I was a picky eater. Now, I still love those foods but I strive to make them in a healthier way. My favorite is either a burger with sweet potato fries or pulled pork.

What did food mean to you before the lockdown?

I’ve always had an appreciation for food. It’s a way to bring people together, celebrate, and I’ve always loved cooking and baking.

How did your food choices change during the lockdown?

I now have a much deeper appreciation for going to the grocery store and having access to healthy foods. A typical day for me is waking up early to go for a run, going to my job (I work in finance 9-5) and food blogging at night. I also love to read.

What do you miss the most? What did you discover new?

Thankfully my grocery store restocked most of the food pretty quickly. I did have to try out some new cuts of meat. I had tried ground chicken and turkey breast before but they became a staple for me during the past few months. Thankfully the store was never out of gluten free flour so I was able to continue baking!

Do you have a food hack or a 2 mins recipe you can share?

My biggest food hack is meal prep. I love preparing for the week ahead on Sundays. Having healthy options accessible leads to making healthier choices.

Don’t forget to follow @organicallyaddison on Instagram to get amazing Whole30 and Paleo recipes.

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