Downtown Las Vegas The Strip Summerlin Henderson North Las Vegas
Downtown Las Vegas The Strip Summerlin Henderson North Las Vegas

Grow your business with Las Vegas Courier Delivery Service

Metrobi connects you with top drivers rated by local businesses like yours. They provide an excellent delivery experience while you focus on growing your business.

Access to The Best Delivery Drivers in Las Vegas

Features that remove
distractions for you

Route Optimization

Built to maximize your efficiency and reduce costs

24/7 Service

Delivery without interruptions

Delivery Notifications

Provide an excellent experience for your customers

Transparent Pricing

Total control over delivery budget. Pay per hour or per stop

Live Tracking

Follow your products as they travel in real-time

Proof of Delivery

Multiple proof of delivery options to cover your business’ needs

Vehicles of all sizes

How it works?


Build your route in seconds

Our A.I based routing software will optimize it for efficiency.


Reserve your driver

We match you with the most suitable driver for the job.


Live track your items

See your packages get delivered in real-time.


Check your proof of deliveries

Check proof of deliveries as the driver completes the stops.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there size limits for packages delivered by Metrobi?

No, Metrobi can deliver a wide variety of package sizes. We deliver anything from small cheese board boxes to large boxes of floral supplies or coffee sacks. Our delivery vehicles include SUVs, vans, refrigerated vans, and box trucks to meet these different needs.

2. What industries and deliveries is Metrobi familiar with?

We have been delivering for several wholesalers, bakeries, floral suppliers, breweries, and coffee roasters. We specialize in local wholesale and consumer deliveries. We do not do interstate deliveries except to neighboring states.

3. How can I track my deliveries with Metrobi?

The Metrobi delivery platform allows you to monitor the courier location, estimated time of arrival, and proof of delivery photos for your deliveries. Even better, we send a text notification to your customer 10 minutes before the delivery. After the delivery, we send them an email with a photo of the delivery so that they can locate their packages.

4. How fast is Metrobi delivery?

Metrobi delivery drivers pick up your products and directly start delivering according to your delivery route. So, it is as fast as it gets – faster than the same-day delivery.

5. Can Metrobi handle delicate products?

This is, maybe, one of the most common questions we hear before a business starts delivering with Metrobi. A week after the start, we get thank you calls. Our couriers have flawlessly delivered fresh flowers (which are really sensitive for temperature and shaking), food supplies, and beverages. Your products are our products. Don't take our word for it; see how proud we are on our Instagram channel.

6. Are there any size limitations for Metrobi deliveries?

We deliver from small boxes of cheese boards to large boxes of floral supplies or ground coffee totes. We have delivery drivers with SUVs, vans, refrigerated vans, and box trucks.

7. Can I use Metrobi for personal deliveries?

We do not serve consumers yet; we only work with local businesses. Stay tuned; our courier number is growing, and personal deliveries may come soon!

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