Field Trip Flowers delivers with Metrobi.

In Metrobi, Field Trip Flowers found the consistency and care their locally grown flowers needed to be delivered

Field Trip Flowers - Field Trip Flowers -
Field Trip Flowers - Field Trip Flowers -


Jen used to rely on another platform during Field Trip Flowers’ 1st year — the same one she used in her previous business. They were careless with the flowers, and late for the deliveries. Then, she got her license and started making the deliveries herself, which became very stressful.


Field Trip Flowers’ gets their customers fresh locally grown flowers as they order. Jen sends them a picture of their orders right before Metrobi drivers get them, and asks her customers for reviews. Now, the delivery service she relies on offers a high-quality customer-driven solution that matches her expectations, products, and services.

Field Trip Flowers - Field Trip Flowers -

One thing about how I run my shop is that I’m very customer service driven. Even at 8 months pregnant I would personally take the flowers up to the 3rd floor. Cause they paid for the service, and I wanted that to reflect on my delivery service. And Roadie and Uber just did not come through with that. I looked for other companies, then I finally found Metrobi. It’s been almost 3 years with the shop, the orders have definitely taken off, I’m able to focus more on my designs and event work because I have a good delivery service now.

About Field Trip Flowers

Field Trip Flowers source the bulk of our blooms from domestic and local flower farms. Their seasonal, ever-changing flower inventory is carefully curated for NYC flower delivery, studio pick-up, and events. Visit Field Trip Flowers website
Field Trip Flowers - Field Trip Flowers -
Field Trip Flowers - Field Trip Flowers -

How everything started

Q: How did your business begin?

Jenny: “I started Field Trip Flowers on the first day of winter, I think it was December 23rd of 2020, at the height of the pandemic, and I had another shop I was running simultaneously. I ended up selling that business in February 2021, I couldn’t run both of them. Because it was the middle of the pandemic, I had to focus on my venture. I wanted to be solo in that shop. The pandemic was ups and downs, back and forth. But I wanted to start my flower delivery as soon as possible. I couldn’t have a lot of people in retail, it was such a small space. So I needed to do deliveries.”

Q: What do you think made Field Trip Flowers successful as a business?

Jenny: “I really opened at a bad time. Because I thought we were out of COVID, and then it just hit New York again. I was so scared. But one way I have been successful is: that for every order I send out, I send a picture of it to my customers. I send a picture of what was sent, then I get a confirmation. I always say to them: if you like the flowers, please send me a review. And a lot of people are really nice on Google reviews. I think I have over a hundred now, and I have 5 stars on Google. If the customer needs to change de address, attach a different message, or anything at all, I’m always accommodating.”

Field Trip Flowers - Field Trip Flowers -
Did You Know?
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Field Trip Flowers’ favorite things about Metrobi

Metrobi is consistent

"I used Roadie for many years with my old shop, but they started to get really irresponsible with flowers. It was a lot of waiting around for them to show up. I would finish an order at 12, I would schedule for 1 o’clock and sometimes they wouldn’t be here till 6 pm. So it was very frustrating and inconsistent. Then I decided I had to be responsible for my own deliveries. I got my license, was delivering on my own, and then I got pregnant. I was doing everything by myself. It was a lot of stress. I was still using Roadie when I desperately had to. Sometimes I would send an Uber package, but they don’t deliver like knock on the door or anything like that."

My favorite drivers are there for me

“I have a few preferred drivers that I see almost every day. And I really like that: they know my product, they know mostly where I’m delivering to, they know my expectations. And I love that part about Metrobi. I don’t know another platform that offers that.”

I can use it how and when I want it

"With Metrobi. I like that it’s in my hands: if I want to deliver the flowers, I will. I can use the credits I have to Metrobi whenever I want, like when I have deliveries all over the city. I like the fact that I don’t have to use it every day. It’s up to me and my schedule. It’s a good platform for any business that needs deliveries. It’s become such a needed service because of the pandemic. This is how we operate now: deliveries."

Flowers are as delicate as Metrobi drivers are careful

“Delivering flowers on a bike is impossible, they get destroyed. So Roadie was okay, but they got really inconsistent. I love it that my Metrobi preferred drivers know my product, and my expectations.”

I have time to focus on other important parts of my business

“My everyday orders are seamless right now. Now that I have that consistency in my schedule, I’m able to focus on other parts of my business, like the events side. Last weekend I had the biggest event of my career, but that’s because I was able to really focus on this client, and getting everything they need. I have so much more time on my schedule than I had before Metrobi.”

How Metrobi works

“The whole experience is very personable. The driver comes to pick up, he gets packages into the van, and the van is dedicated to my products only. I can follow the delivery progress, driver location, and delivery pictures on the dashboard.”

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