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Highly Rated Delivery Drivers
Ignacio Saucedo Georgetown delivery driver with Box Truck
Fernando Reyes Columbus delivery driver with SUV
Terrence Washington Denver delivery driver with SUV
4.97/5.00 (1600+ reviews)
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Access to software to manage your in-house team.

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Seamlessly optimize your routes in seconds.


Track your drivers in real-time.

Build your Preferred Drivers list and enjoy working with reliable drivers.

Request proof of delivery photos, invoices, and signatures.

Easily create routes for your Shopify orders on your Shopify admin dashboard.

Keep your customers in the loop with customizable text messages.


Out for delivery

"Your package from the Fresh Food Company is out for delivery. Estimated arrival time 9:45 AM"


Next delivery

Your package from the Bagel Company is next in line. Click here to track the driver.


Delivery Confirmation

"Your package from the Laundry Company has been delivered at 9:45AM. Click here for delivery photos."

Let your customers track drivers in real-time.

Share proof of delivery with your customers.

Always work with the drivers that know your business.

You shortlist the drivers you like. Our system prioritizes them for your jobs. Enjoy reliable delivery with the same consistent drivers.

Ignacio Saucedo Georgetown delivery driver with Box Truck
Fernando Reyes Columbus delivery driver with SUV
Terrence Washington Denver delivery driver with SUV

Average Driver Rating

4.97/5.00 (1600+ reviews)

Our track record:
Reliability of a nationwide courier service, quality of a local partner.

Available in major metro areas. Coming soon to many more.

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Frequently Asked Questions by Minneapolis Business Owners

1. Does Metrobi operate in Minneapolis?

Metrobi is actively preparing for its launch in Minneapolis. To express your interest in our services, kindly join our waitlist. We will promptly inform you of our commencement date in Minneapolis. While you wait, take advantage of our complimentary Metrobi software. It empowers you to manage your team and streamline your delivery routes. Additionally, we offer a free Shopify app that enables you to manage deliveries originating from Shopify. Utilize these resources to enhance your logistics operations in anticipation of Metrobi's launch in your area.

2. How will Metrobi provide the best courier service in Minneapolis for small businesses?

Small businesses rely heavily on reliable courier services, with courier drivers serving as the public face of their enterprises. Metrobi provides access to Minneapolis's finest couriers, ensuring that deliveries are handled with meticulous care and efficiency. Metrobi stands out from other courier providers by addressing common industry pitfalls. Unlike companies with restricted visibility, subpar technology, and unsatisfactory drivers, Metrobi emphasizes transparency and quality. Courier drivers are rated and evaluated by local small businesses, enabling the best service providers to secure jobs based on merit. Metrobi's state-of-the-art technology empowers shippers and receivers with unparalleled visibility. Deliveries can be effortlessly tracked on a real-time map, and timely notifications keep customers informed of estimated arrival times and status updates, fostering peace of mind.

3. How fast will I be able to find a courier for a delivery in Minneapolis?

Metrobi's platform seamlessly connects Minneapolis courier drivers with delivery requests via text messages and push notifications. Couriers can instantly access job details and apply for them, eliminating the need for manual processes and paperwork. Unlike traditional courier companies, Metrobi leverages technology to expedite the fulfillment of delivery requests. This saves valuable time for small business owners who no longer have to await the completion of internal procedures. In seconds, couriers can apply for jobs, and Metrobi's algorithms select the most qualified candidates based on their ratings and experience. Throughout the delivery process, both the sender and recipient are kept informed with real-time notifications. This transparency ensures that the delivery status is readily available to all parties involved.

4. How will I be able to find a same-day courier service in Minneapolis?

Metrobi offers a seamless platform to connect you with qualified same-day couriers in Minneapolis within minutes. Simply access the Metrobi delivery platform (enrollment is free), select "Create a Delivery," and specify your pickup location, vehicle requirements, and courier job details. The platform allows for multiple stops along the route, ensuring all your deliveries are handled by a single driver. Once you submit your request, Metrobi's advanced technology will identify the optimal courier for the task. Relax and let our system do the work, providing you with the ease and efficiency of same-day courier service in Minneapolis.

5. What type of packages will I be able to deliver with Minneapolis couriers?

Metrobi's Minneapolis division will enlist highly skilled courier drivers, capable of handling deliveries ranging from small envelopes to large box truck shipments. To initiate a delivery request, simply specify the vehicle type and delivery requirements. Metrobi's advanced technology will identify and invite the most suitable courier drivers to complete the task. All Metrobi couriers are experienced professionals, adept at collaborating with local businesses. Their performance is continually evaluated and rated by other Minneapolis businesses, guaranteeing consistent and exceptional service. By partnering with Metrobi, you can trust that your packages will be handled by the most qualified drivers, ensuring timely and efficient delivery.

6. How much will it cost to courier something in Minneapolis?

At Metrobi, you determine the price for your courier needs. Unlike other companies that present complex rate sheets, Metrobi allows you to specify your payment amount. This simplifies the process, as you simply describe the job and indicate your budget. Our support team provides guidance on appropriate rates. Courier drivers can view your request and the compensation you offer. They will submit applications, and the most qualified driver will secure your delivery. By empowering customers to set their own prices, Metrobi ensures complete transparency in courier costs and rates within Minneapolis. This customer-centric approach eliminates confusion and provides you with control over your expenditure.

7. How will I be able to find the cheapest courier service in Minneapolis?

Metrobi revolutionizes cost-efficient courier services in Minneapolis. Our automated platform streamlines the search for affordable delivery drivers, tailoring them to your budget and requirements. By naming your desired price, Minneapolis couriers will eagerly compete to fulfill your delivery needs. You'll gradually establish a network of preferred couriers who intimately understand your delivery specifications. As couriers enhance their efficiency, delivery times shorten, leading to further cost reductions for your courier tasks.

8. Why should I use a courier service in Minneapolis?

Courier services within Minneapolis facilitate the convenient and adaptable delivery of packages, documents, and miscellaneous items. The pay-as-you-go model eliminates the need for a dedicated delivery team, empowering businesses to expand their reach without operational constraints. Moreover, outsourcing delivery eliminates the burden of managing drivers, reducing administrative and managerial responsibilities. Courier services provide cutting-edge technology for managing deliveries, optimizing routes, and informing customers, which can be a complex task to implement internally. Ultimately, hiring a premier courier service in Minneapolis offers significant time and cost savings. By leveraging their expertise and technology, businesses can streamline their delivery processes, focus on their core competencies, and achieve greater efficiency.

9. What industries and deliveries will Metrobi’s Minneapolis couriers be familiar with?

Minneapolis couriers are experienced drivers who provide specialized services for diverse industries, including food, catering, and floristry. Their services encompass same-day delivery, bulk order handling, express urgent deliveries, on-demand fulfillments, and overnight transport. Through Metrobi, businesses can establish a network of preferred couriers tailored to their specific needs. These couriers develop a deep understanding of each business, ensuring seamless deliveries and exceptional customer experiences. They consistently demonstrate professionalism and respect, representing your brand with integrity.

10. Will I be able to deliver large items and freight in Minneapolis?

Metrobi couriers in Minneapolis utilize a diverse fleet of vehicles, including SUVs and Box Trucks, to accommodate deliveries of varying sizes. These vehicles are equipped to handle large items and freight, ensuring the efficient and reliable transportation of goods. For inquiries regarding specific vehicle specifications or additional information, potential couriers are encouraged to contact the Metrobi team directly. The Metrobi team is available to provide comprehensive guidance and support to help individuals determine the most suitable vehicle for their delivery needs.

11. How will Metrobi ensure the trustworthiness and reliability of the Minneapolis courier service drivers?

Metrobi's stringent hiring process in active markets, involving a thorough review of thousands of applications, will be replicated in Minneapolis. To maintain high standards, Metrobi seeks experienced delivery drivers who possess a proven track record in local businesses. Familiarity with Minneapolis's geography and the intricacies of delivery will be key in selecting qualified candidates. To guarantee compliance and professionalism, Metrobi will require essential documentation such as insurance verification, ID, and driver's license. Additionally, every potential driver will undergo an interview to assess their understanding of the role's expectations, demonstrate appropriate demeanor, and showcase their relevant experience. By adhering to these meticulous measures, Metrobi aims to activate couriers who meet its high standards and contribute effectively to successful food delivery in Minneapolis.

12. What's the average rating of delivery drivers?

Delivery drivers maintain a high standard, as evidenced by their average rating of 4.97 out of 5. To ensure the same level of quality in Minneapolis, local businesses will evaluate and rate drivers after every delivery. This feedback system holds drivers accountable for maintaining expectations. Our technology aggregates reviews from you and other businesses, shaping the allocation of courier jobs based on driver ratings. As a result, drivers recognize the importance of delivering an exceptional service to customers. Beyond ratings, Metrobi also monitors other performance indicators, such as reliability and punctuality. These metrics play a role in determining job assignments. This comprehensive approach ensures that drivers are consistently reliable, timely, and committed to providing an exceptional delivery experience.

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Meanwhile, you can use our free delivery management software for your inhouse team.

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