Fleurs to You delivers with Metrobi.

Fleurs To You - Fleurs To You Delivers With Metrobi -
Fleurs To You Delivers With Metrobi

“Fleurs To You ships plant and flower kits to customers’ homes and then jumps on a video call to conduct a DIY virtual workshop. These classes build a sense of community, elevate people’s moods, and teach a new skill.

Metrobi powers the deliveries.”


Metrobi is my lifeline. If I did not have a reliable delivery service, my business would not be able to continue. I am a small business, there was no way I could create the kits, prepare for distribution, do the deliveries, and then have time to conduct an online workshop. People ask how I do it, Metrobi is my secret. Other businesses are limited to delivering within their local area. With Metrobi, I can reach a wider audience and I can target a different sector every week. It gives me a competitive edge.

About Fleurs to You

Employers, commercial property managers, and residential communities work with Fleurs To You to create pop-up plant flower events and workshops for their employees, tenants, and residents. The goal is to create community and engagement through interactive experiences. Some of Fleurs To You offerings include build- a- bouquet bars, pot-a-plant kits, and flower arranging classes.

Before, delivery service was not a part of the business model, it was strictly an in-person, on-site activity. With so many people working from home the demand to incorporate delivery services has been phenomenal and necessary.

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Did You Know?
The average Metrobi Driver Rating is 4.97/5.00 Metrobi drivers are highly rated by local businesses for their professionalism and reliability, giving you peace of mind with every delivery. Start delivering with Metrobi

Due to the lockdown, we had to change our business model

We switched to online events rather than in-person get-togethers. My customers felt that if we could get supplies to their staff, tenants, and residents, we could continue to work together. So, the materials need to be delivered.

Delivery was really stressful

My customer base covers MA and RI. I was doing the transporting and it did not work. How could I possibly do the deliveries and run my business as well? I am a small business, there was no way I could create the kits, prepare them for distribution, do all of the deliveries, and then jump on an online workshop.


​“Metrobi is my lifeline.”

Flawless delivery

"I was worried about how my products would be represented. I do not worry with Metrobi as they provide me with a excellent level of service with each engagement."

Everything is seamless

"I was told that someone will be at my place, and the driver was here. There is a comfort, I can login on my dashboard and see where the driver is."

Grows my business

" I have full confidence in Metrobi. Now I can focus on my flowers, growing my business and serving my customers. "

Fleurs To You - Fleurs To You Delivers With Metrobi -

My customers loved that I went online.

It is a win-win for my customers, and their tenants, residents and employees. People are staying at home more. We aim to make that experience better. Individuals are creating something colorful and living. That is exciting for them. It is a mood-boosting experience. They in turn have greater appreciation and commitment to their employer or property manager.

My business survived COVID.

Fleurs to You is a perk that employers and commercial and residential property managers provide to their employees, tenants, and residents. Since I have been able to continue to offer my services, my customers can continue to provide these fringe benefits and engagement opportunities to their communities.

Fleurs To You - Fleurs To You Delivers With Metrobi -

How it works for Fleurs-to-you

Dorchester Brewing Company schedules a driver for Thursdays and Saturdays


They add or remove delivery destinations and instructions until the driver arrives for the pick up


The route is optimized for the best price, and they only pay as much as they use


The driver navigates using the Metrobi App and delivers according to the instructions


The customer is notified about the incoming delivery and receives delivery picture


Dorchester Brewing Company receives delivery updates and proof of delivery images


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