Quinlan-Wasserman delivers with Metrobi

Quinlan-Wasserman, Boston area’s top floral supplier, has supplied the freshest cut flowers and potted plants since 1962. Quinlan-Wasserman partners with Metrobi for their wholesale deliveries.
Quinlan-Wasserman - Quinlan-Wasserman Delivers With Metrobi -
Quinlan-Wasserman Delivers With Metrobi

Metrobi's service is very professional. We have had an excellent experience for the last 6 months or so. Metrobi offers a great deal of potential for the growth of my business.

About Quinlan Wasserman

Quinlan-Wasserman, Boston area’s top floral supplier, is a family-owned wholesale fresh-cut flower and plant business, with over 3 generations of floral and gardening experience. Since 1962, we have supplied the freshest cut flowers and potted plants, specializing in providing products to florists, garden centers, landscapers, interior designers, and wedding planners. 


For our unbeatable selection of your fresh cut flower and potted plant needs, visit our 11,500 square feet showroom located at 500 Albany.

Quinlan-Wasserman - Quinlan-Wasserman Delivers With Metrobi -
Did You Know?
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We always put our customers first.

We focus on providing the freshest flowers that fit the needs of our clients’ customers. We know our success comes from complementing our products with flawless customer service. Our 11,500 sq feet showroom is designed to discover our product offerings. We also deliver to our customers’ business locations. There were many times we even fulfilled the mid-night orders the same day. We know that when you need flowers, it cannot wait.

Delivery is mission-critical.

Our customers are businesses such as florists, garden centers, landscapers, and wedding planners. They need the flowers to serve their customers. They do not have the time to pick up boxes of flowers. It needs to be delivered.

Flowers are delicate. Therefore, flower delivery is complicated. The temperature must be between 38 to 58 degrees, no more or no less. Also, flower boxes cannot be shaken or dropped.


Challenges of doing deliveries ourselves.

Being a wholesaler, our profit margins are low. This is why delivery costs are really important for us. When we do deliveries ourselves, we need to pay for vehicle lease, insurance, and delivery driver. It adds up to a large number quickly.

Additionally, we pay our drivers by the hour when we do the deliveries ourselves. This is a challenge. I do not know the exact amount until the deliveries are over and I cannot foresee it.

On top of all, delivery visibility is critical. I estimate the delivery to be completed by 10 AM but it sometimes takes 3 more hours. If I cannot tell my customer when their packages will be delivered, they will lose from their working hours.


"Metrobi is amazing."

Metrobi’s delivery platform is amazing. Coming from the dark ages, it amazes me. Now, I can tell my customers where the driver is and they are happy.

Delivery tracking

I can track the delivery progress, driver location, and learn when the deliveries will be completed.

Price transparency

I know what the delivery cost beforehand. There are no surprises.

Professional service

Flowers are delicate products. Metrobi drivers have always handled my packages flawlessly.

My products are handled professionally and I have access to a reliable delivery solution.

We are planning to offer a delivery focused service to our customers because they cannot come to our showroom during the lockdown.

Why Quinlan-Wasserman delivers with Metrobi

“Earlier we operated our own vehicles. Now, we use Metrobi.”


Flowers are one of the most sensitive products. Our packages ave always been delivered flawlessly.


Our customers ask about the status of their delivery. Metrobi allows us to track driver location and arrival time.


With Metrobi, we are able to discover new business opportunities. We do not need to make any commitments.

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