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Your growth is our growth. This is why we assist you in highlighting and promoting your services. Naturally, two heads are better than one!
Grow Your Business With Our Wholesale Marketing Resources - Wholesale Marketing -
Wholesale Marketing

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1. Social media support

The goal: Get Metrobi followers to engage with your social media accounts, and therefore increase your page followers.


  • Create and publish posts about your brand/products on our Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.
  • Like and comment your posts on your social media accounts.


  • Like and comment the posts Metrobi created for you.
  • You can re-use the content for your social media accounts.
  • Provide us feedback and make us work for you better.

See it in action

Vishal Thapar Boston Chai Party

I have to say I’m really impressed with your marketing skills! You’re amazing at this! Thanks for featuring us on your page and feed!

2. Interview

The goal: To help you tell the story behind your products, and promote it on Metrobi website and social media accounts.


  • Your interview will be published on and we’ll create links to your website
  • We’ll post your interview on Metrobi social media accounts


  • It’ll only take 45 mins of your time to answer a few questions Metrobi
  • Metrobi will provide all the guidance

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3. Case study

The goal: To promote the benefits of our partnership, and share it with the community. Metrobi promotes case studies with Facebook Ads.

Timing: After completing 100 deliveries.


  • Share the case study on and social media accounts
  • Promote it through Facebook Ads


  • It’ll only take 1 hour of your time

See it in action

Anna’s Taqueria

Grow Your Business With Our Wholesale Marketing Resources - Wholesale Marketing -
Great service and support from Metrobi
Since we started using Metrobi we have had nothing but great things to say. Your timeliness...

LuNo Culinary

Grow Your Business With Our Wholesale Marketing Resources - Wholesale Marketing -
Metrobi does exactly what I wanted my drivers to do
Nobody makes my job easier than myself, but you guys come in close second....


Grow Your Business With Our Wholesale Marketing Resources - Wholesale Marketing -
The quality of customer service is great!
It is very important to us that our packages are delivered in a timely and...

4. Guest Posts

We create high quality blog posts about small business growth. If you have related content, you can post it on Metrobi Blog in exchange for a link to Metrobi on your website. Let’s grow together!

The goal: To collaborate with other small businesses and startups and spread the word out!

Timing: A new blog post publishing takes up to 7 days.


  • Shares the blog on and social media accounts


  • Create the post or ask us write for you
  • Share it on your website & socials

5. Influencers

The goal: Metrobi engages with influencers to promote the posts about your products. If you want to get in touch with them directly, we can make the introductions.


  • Influencer interview and social media interactions increases their awareness about your products.
  • Metrobi can make introductions to them


  • Let us know if you want to work with them directly and we’ll make the introductions.

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