Imported Foods – Anthony Pompeo

Imported Foods is a specialty food ingredients supplier. It started as a retail store initially. Anthony decided to only focus on delivering the best food ingredients to the finest hotels, restaurants, and colleges in Boston. We heard the story of Imported Foods from Anthony Pompeo.

Can you tell us about the story of Imported Foods? How did it start? What made you successful?

Imported Foods started as a retail store that offered specialty food ingredients to local chefs in Boston. Over the years it grew into a specialty foodservice delivery company delivering to the finest hotels, restaurants, and colleges in the Boston area. Our customers keep coming back to us, a go-to supplier as they know we always put in the extra effort needed to get the right products to them at the right time.

What has been your proudest moment?

When Imported Foods was able to expand and move into its current location in South Boston, it allowed the company to offer even more great products to its customers. When the new office and warehouse space was fully up and functional, it was a proud moment for the company as we were able to bring on more staff and more customers.

You serve the best chefs in the Boston area. What is the reason they prefer your products?

Although some products may be purchased from multiple suppliers, our customers keep coming back to Imported Foods for the reliability we offer with our deliveries and the constant communication that we have with them. Along with the truly unparalleled service, many of the products we offer are difficult to find, and we will always go the extra mile to find any special items for our customers.

From your perspective, how did COVID19 affect local food suppliers?

For local restaurants and food suppliers, Friday the 13th in March was like the last supper. Come Monday everything was shut down. The effect has been crippling and unfortunate.

Imported Foods – Anthony Pompeo

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