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22 best bakery menu templates – Free and premium

There’s no better way to kickstart your day than with a steaming hot cup of coffee or tea! And if you’re throwing in a mouthwatering dessert, you’re definitely in for the best day ever! If you’re all about that life, you’re gonna love this selection of the best bakery menu templates. It’s got a sweet, colorful design and is super easy to customize. Perfect for your cake shop, bakery, or pastry joint. Just match it up with your brand and you’re good to print or share online. Wondering if your old bakery menu needs a revamp to attract more sweet-toothed customers? Discover the signs that it’s time to refresh your outdated bakery menu and get tips on designing a menu that stands out.

This Pack is Ideal For You If:

  1. You’re a pro or just starting in the baking game you want convenience, organization, and professional touch when promoting your treats.

  2. You know it’s essential to be online but struggle with finding time and creativity to whip up the content needed to showcase your bakery delights.

  3. You’re not a design whiz and need everything to be straightforward, practical, and quick.

From classic to modern, rustic to chic designs, Discover our roundup of the best bakery menu templates – free and premium designs you can easily edit to showcase your sweet treats and drive sales. Unlock the secret to a victorious bakery menu by absorbing these tips on customizing templates to feature your standout pastries, adapting to market demands, and ensuring your customer’s cravings are continuously stirred.

Template 01: Collage Style Bakery Menu Template

Check out this beige-illustrated bakery menu template for your sweet creations.

Template 02: Minimalist Tosca & Pink Bakery Menu Template

Looking for a visually appealing bakery menu template? try this one.

Template 03: Professional Bakery Menu Template

Satisfy any sweet tooth with this bakery menu that uses real images of your products, menus and a minimalist design.

Template 04: Minimalist Green Menu

This bakery menu template shines bright against the soothing green background, promising a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds.

Template 05: Illustrated Orange Brown Menu

Craving something sweet? This bakery’s menu template is a paradise for dessert enthusiasts!

Template 06: Modern Bakery Menu

Step into a world of sugary bliss with this super fun bakery menu template

Template 07: Classy Photo Collage Menu

Capture the essence of your bakery delights in this classy photo collage menu template

Template 08: Minimalist Beige Menu

Do you have a few menu items? Create and customize this bakery menu with your delicious cakes & sweeties.

Template 09: Brown Playful Menu

Discover the perfect blend of simplicity and fun with this clean design bakery menu

Template 10: Cream Dark Gray Minimalist Menu Template

A stylish and efficient way to showcase your business offerings

Template 11: Modern Menu Template

Freshen up and edit your bakery’s menu with this modern orange-and-white template! 🍊

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Found Your Favorite Bakery Menu Design?

Not yet? Don’t worry we are only halfway through our selection. We hope you are enjoying this ride. Remember, the free bakery menu templates will make your treats irresistible at first glance!

Template 12: Organic Orange Template

Who says menus have to be boring? This organic menu template is as fresh and playful as your ingredients! 🌿🥖

Template 13: Minimalist Brown Template

Keep it simple, keep it tasty. This minimalist menu template is here to satisfy your cravings for style.

Template 14: Brown Minimalist Bakery Dessert Menu

Simplify your bakery’s brand with this brown minimalist menu template – a perfect combination of style and functionality.

Template 15: Clean Minimalist Bakery menu template

Elevate your bakery experience with this clean and minimalist menu design – it’s both eye-catching and mouth-watering!

Template 16: Green Minimalist Bakery Menu Template

Add a touch of green to your bakery with this green minimalist bakery menu – a modern and stylish option for showcasing your delicious treats.

Template 17: Cream Pink Bakery Menu Template

Planning your new bakery menu has never been easier with access to this bakery menu template.

Template 18: Colorful Cafe And Bakery Menu

Indulge in a delightful selection of sweet treats from this pink and white menu template

Template 19: Vintage Bakery Menu Templates

Let the vibrant green and crisp white hues of this bakery menu and photos guide you to a world of scrumptious pastries and aromatic coffees

Template 20: Minimalist Pastel Pink and Red Bakery Menu

This charming bakery menu brings the perfect harmony of crispy waffles topped with fresh, juicy strawberries.

Template 21: Black and White Doodle Menu

Sip on happiness and joy with this free bakery menu template, accompanied by the whimsical presence of an endearing cartoon character.

Template 22: Illustrated Bakery Menu

Explore a world of delicious possibilities with this free bakery menu template that’s bursting with flavor!

In summary, picking the best bakery menu templates matters for any bakery looking to stand out. The best templates make your menu more than just a list; they turn it into a part of your bakery’s charm and appeal. Whether you’re a cozy corner shop or a fancy patisserie, the right design can help draw in customers and show off your tasty treats in style. Indeed, designing a successful menu for your bakery involves not just selecting the right templates but mastering the blend of culinary expertise and marketing strategy to ensure your offerings keep customers intrigued and eager for more.

Also, these templates are super flexible, so you can change things up whenever you like, keeping your offerings fresh and exciting. In short, a great menu design can not only boost your bakery’s look but also help you sell more goodies. Think of your new bakery menu as the cherry on top of your bakery’s experience – it should be as sweet and inviting as your desserts!

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